Yadah Nation

Catapult Your Ministry

Taking ministries outside of their four walls and away from their local communities. Enlarging their territories by using their existing resources to drive growth as they carry out the great commission of spreading the gospel throughout all the world. 

What Is In Your Hand?

It's time to step out in faith and use what God has given to your ministry in your time. For David it was a slingshot, for your ministry it includes everything from your youngest member to the power of a digital presence. Let these resources become your eyes, your arms and your voice to catapult your ministry!

Have you been given the gift of great vocals, or blessed with the talent of writing soul stirring praise and worship music? Have you developed the playing skills of a great musician?
If all this is answers true for you and you are ready to catapult your music ministry to the next level, we're here!

Why Use Us?

We have a passion for christian ministry, because it is also our faith. By working with us, you are working with skilled people who share your beliefs and who feel the way you feel about the Christ you represent.